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Environmental Stewardship at Aunt Millie’s

At Aunt Millie’s, we believe that good stewardship of our resources will ultimately result in a sustainable company and in sustainable communities for generations to come.

We place the safety of people and the environment at the forefront as we seek to consistently improve business performance.

We believe that everyone wins through this commitment that preserves and improves the fabric of our society.

Recycling Bread Bags

Some examples of our success include recycling bread bags.

All of Aunt Millie’s bread bags are made of #4 LDPE recyclable plastic. Check with your recycling authority to see if this type of plastic is acceptable. Aunt Millie’s is now adding the #4 symbol on the bottom of bags.

If this type of plastic is not acceptable in your area, the bags can be reused. Many people use them to pack sandwiches for lunches, for storing leftovers, and more.

Biodegradable inner wrap

Aunt Millie’s used to use biodegradable inner wrap for Hearth Breads, but this is no longer feasible. For a short time we will have non-biodegradable inner wrap underneath outer bags that still have a biodegradable inner wrap symbol on them. We decided not to discard these outer bags because wasting that plastic that would be worse for the environment.
Our new, non-biodegradable inner wrap is #5 polypropylene. Check to see if it is accepted at your recycling facility.

Aunt Millie’s Sustainability Initiatives

Clean Land

Aunt Millie’s is working toward a goal of 99% landfill-free manufacturing operations by 2010.


  • Aunt Millie’s recycles as much cardboard as possible at all seven plants. This is estimated to save 100 tons of cardboard or 1,700 trees per year.
  • Bottles, cans, and paper are recycled at Aunt Millie’s Fort Wayne headquarters office.
  • Recycling unused dough: Any dough not used in the production process is sold for poultry and swine feed. Approximately 8,441 tons of dough and stale bread is recycled per year.

Recyclable Display Materials

Aunt Millie’s cardboard displays are made from recycled cardboard, with 70-100% recycled content. These displays are 100% recyclable.

Recycled Paper

Also in 2007, Aunt Millie’s began using recycled paper for all printed materials.

Clean Air

All seven of Aunt Millie’s plants are well below the EPA threshold level for allowable alcohol emissions. According to some reports, these emissions contribute to the depletion of our ozone.

Non-Idling Policy

All Aunt Millie’s diesel tractors and route trucks are to be shut off while parked. This is estimated to save 425,000 gallons of fuel and 8,075 metric tons of CO2 per year.

Clean Water

Most of Aunt Millie’s plants have equipment to pre-treat wastewater and to maintain a clean wastewater discharge and all are well within the standards of the local government. In addition, Aunt Millie’s has equipment to prevent groundwater contamination.

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