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Our Bakeries

Our Bakeries

Aunt Millie’s has some of the most technologically advanced bakeries in the United States.  These bakeries are fast, efficient, and sanitary.  Continued investment in our bakeries and the art and science of commercial baking,  assures you an unparalleled level of quality in baking healthful and delicious products. 

Aunt Millie’s is a recipient of the GFS Cornerstone Award for 2012.  
The Gordon Food Service Cornerstone Partner Award is awarded for having: "excelled in service metrics and exemplified strategic distinction through extraordinary efforts".  

As well, our Topco Supplier Quality/Safety score of 95 was “Best in Category”.  This is a company wide achievement as both bread and buns are scored.  

Please see our Food Safety and Certification page.  

Our Bakeries – How to find us

Location Name Phone Toll Free Address

British Retail Consortium - Food Certified - Food Certified VIDEO

Coldwater Bakery 517
1 800
189 W. Garfield Ave.
Coldwater, MI 49036

British Retail Consortium - Food Certified

Company Headquarters
and Fort Wayne Bakery
1 800
350 Pearl St.
Fort Wayne, IN 46802

British Retail Consortium - Food Certified

Jackson Bakery 517
1 800
2100 Enterprise Dr.
Jackson, MI 49203

British Retail Consortium - Food Certified

Kalamazoo Bakery 269
1 800
807 Palmer Ave.
Kalamazoo, MI 49001

British Retail Consortium - Food Certified

Plymouth Bakery 734
1 866
45789 Port St.
Plymouth, MI 48170

British Retail Consortium - Food Certified

Sidney Bakery 937
1 800
1900 Progress Way
Sidney, OH 45365


Fort Wayne, Indiana Bakery

Fort Wayne, Indiana is the corporate headquarters of Aunt Millie’s Bakeries.  It is also the site of one of the fastest bakeries in the United States.  The bakery houses five packaging lines baking as many as 200 loaves of bread per minute.

Aunt Millie’s Fort Wayne Bakery is a state-of-the-art, computer-operated plant.  The plant has an automatic oven, an automatic proofer, and automatic pan stacker and retrieval system and an automatic basket loading machine. 

Company-wide all of Aunt Millie’s Bakeries are certified to BRC Global standards, but Fort Wayne has been BRC certified since 2009.  In the past, Fort Wayne bakery has received numerous awards including the Gold Plate Award. 

Coldwater, Michigan Bakeries

Coldwater Bakery is fully automatic, producing buns at an average of 800 buns per minute. 

Since 2009 Coldwater has been BRC Certified, and QAI Organic certified since 2007. The Coldwater Bakery is also a Certified Wendy’s Producer. 

Jackson, Michigan Bakery

Aunt Millie’s Jackson Bakery is one of the most technologically advanced bakeries in North America.  Housing four packaging lines, Jackson can produce 160 loaves of bread per minute. 

Like Aunt Millie’s Fort Wayne Bakery, the Jackson plant is fully automated.  Using a computer-controlled automatic mixing room where over 35 different ingredients are mixed, Jackson produces dozens of different varieties of bread baked, including Aunt Millie’s Homestyle, Healthy Goodness, and Split Top Breads. 

Jackson has also been BRC Certified since 2009. 

Kalamazoo, Michigan Bakery

Aunt Millie’s Kalamazoo Bakery primarily produces Aunt Millie’s delicious Hearth Breads, but is also capable of baking both breads and buns.  This flexibility enables Aunt Millie’s to meet production needs for in-store specials and seasonal fluctuations in demand. 

Each year since 2009, Kalamazoo has been BRC Certified with an A rating, and QAI Organic certified since 2006.

Plymouth, Michigan Bakery

In the fall of 2004, Aunt Millie’s purchased a 64,000 square foot building in Plymouth, Michigan.  Over the winter, the company made minor renovations and installed approximately $6 million in equipment.  “We needed additional capacity to produce buns,” said John F. Popp, Aunt Millie’s President.  “Over the last six months we acquired a number of new customers.  This led to a higher demand for buns than we anticipated.  This new plant will allow us to meet that demand."

Since the plant’s opening in May 2005, Aunt Millie’s has invested additional equipment including a state-of-the-art breadline.  Plymouth Bakery produces Aunt Millie’s hamburger and hot dog buns. 

Furthermore, Plymouth has been BRC Certified with an A rating each year since 2009, and is a Certified Burger King Producer. 

Sidney, Ohio Bakery

Located 25 miles north of Dayton, the Sidney plant was purchased from Campbell’s Soup in 1995.  Since then, Aunt Millie’s made significant renovations to the building, resulting in a state-of-the-art bakery that produces buns. 

Additionally, the Sidney Bakery houses Aunt Millie’s fastest production lines. 6,600 bun 8-packs per hour are produced on three lines. 

Since 2000, Sidney has been BRC Certified with an A rating each year.

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